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How to upgrade Salary in Firmware Job?

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This article is specific to Embedded professionals working in India with min two years experience.

This is most common question by junior level embedded professionals. At senior level in small scale companies , same question is being asked in a different way i.e. How to ask for increment ?

Let’s analyze the sample of survey given below. I was expecting similar outcome. Majority of embedded professionals working in low cost devices. If device cost is < 5US$ , it may not have advance features and capability to support Linux .

In most of the cases, upgrading skills using Linux based devices will definitely help. Please note that one can get bare-metal level experience with <5 US$ devices and it must be the first step for firmware development.

Best Investment scheme

Money is ultimately not enough compensation for investing your time and energy: there has to be a sense of purpose, meaning and fulfillment.
Dan Miller

Here is the investment scheme of 10Rs + 2 hrs a day for 60 days. In return , you will get clarification on many interview tips , get chance to practice coding skills and chance to increase salary min 10K per month. This is possible with your Terms & Conditions.

Not looking for Job Change ?

OK . It is not necessary to upgrade skills only for Job change. Try your skills at the link below and contribute by sharing your interview experience.

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