How to get better Embedded System Job in India ?

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This is in continuation of my earlier post How to get Embedded Job ?

I had discussed about challenges in hiring good embedded folks from employer perspective .

  • Your first action item may be to read above and make brief note about yourself. You will definitely find few pointers for improvement.
  • Create one google sheet and note all well known hiring portals.
  • You can create your RCV(Resume cum CV) and update all job portals based on that.
  • Attend only a limited number of interviews first and note feedback for improvement
  • If you are looking for one well prepared guidelines by experts , check Embedded Interview Preparation-90 days from Embedkari. It is a proven approach.
  • We are promoting Embedded Interview Preparation currently, so you may ask any of the following topic FREE along with this product.
    • Getting started with Register Level programming in ARM based STM32
    • UART or I2C driver implementation
    • Thumb programming with ARM Cortex-M0+
    • STM32 clocking architecture

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