ESP8266 -WiFi Getting Started @ESP-01

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This setup is good starting point  for basic communication with default program in ESP-01 module.  

Key Takeaway :First WiFi  project with AT commands. Generally ESP-01 comes with default ESP8266 AT firmware which has complete TCP/IP stack. This firmware takes care of DHCP as well.AT commands are used to control GSM phone or Modem.


   I used a ESP8266 ESP-01 WiFi Module  with 3.3 V DC 2A power adapter and FTD1232( FT232RL USB TO TTL 5V 3.3V) . The 3.3 DC Voltage shown below to  ESP-01 module was provided using the 3.3V power adapter.  


Note1: GPIO0 pin should be connected to GND only to refresh program. Make sure your FTD1232 jumper is set at 3.3V. In my FTD1232 module, It is as follows :


In my case, the setup picture is:




Once you power-on the ESP-01 and connect your PC to FTD1232 via USB cable, the corresponding COM port should be enabled . You may notice highlighted COM3 below in my case.




Select baudrate 115200 and  corresponding port. Click on change and Open.




Type AT command ,select +CR and +LF as shown below. Click on Send ASCII. If you are typing command directly on terminal, The window on left of “Send Number” must be empty. After typing command on terminal, Click on Send ASCII. If you don’t get response of AT command, Touch GND wire to RST pin of ESP8266 connector through a 1K resistor. You will  notice blue light blinking followed by message on terminal.

ESP-01 comm

Are you wondering how it got IP address ?  Just look at ESP01DHCP


Try following commands

  • AT+RST to reset WiFi Module
  • AT+GMR to get firmware,SDK versions and build time
  • AT+CIFSR to get local IP address
  • AT+CWLAP to list all wireless local access points

Out of Syllabus -)  ?  Lets look at How to Use AT Commands

This is discussed at video ESP8266 WiFi Module  ESP-01 Getting Started


You may  find interesting topics at HowTo[/su_butto

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  1. Hi! Looks great, however I am trying to make it work myself and I have trouble getting stuff connected together. You think you could make a more detailed diagram complete with resistors, etc? It would be great!

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