Embedkari Course Upgrade

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This post is for existing Embedkari students who purchased or won our simple products such as Learn C from Scratch, Interview Preparation, ARM baremetal etc.

Now they are working in various industries and might have understood the value of the material we provided. We are offering course upgrade option for Embedded Developer Kit this month.

What is the benefit of upgrading to Embedded Developer Kit ?

*Life time access to the training material including Virtual Library

*One to one session for long term career

*Job referral to various companies based on capabilty of the candidate

*Access to more live sessions

*Access to recording of key live sessions

*Access to generic industry projects based on various technologies such as RS485, Tiva series, RTOS, PWM, MOSFET, RPI, eLinux etc

How to Upgrade ?

Send email to embeddedcareers.ind@gmail.com for the process .

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