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  • A small but growing start-up in Health care domain is looking for passionate Electronics Engineer
  • Key responsibilities :
  • 1. Detailed analog and digital design including schematic capture and board layout.
  • 2. Responsible for new product development which includes a microcontroller, sensors, drivers, etc. 3. Multilayer PCB design and knowledge of PCB manufacturing.
  • 4. Selection of suitable components for the design of our product.
  • 5. Preparation of Bill of Materials (BOM) and sourcing components.
  • 6. Should be able to work independently with minimum intervention.
  • Expected skills :
  • 1. Good hands-on working knowledge of electronic components including Resistors, Capacitors, Microcontrollers, Diodes, Voltage Regulators, and various ICs.
  • 2. Knowledge and/or experience with IoT-based systems design.
  • 3. PCB design using Eagle will be preferred. However, any software you are comfortable with will work.
  • 4. Knowledge and/or experience with accelerometers and gyroscopes will be preferred.
  • 5. Working knowledge of various embedded protocols like SPI, I2C, UART, etc. is expected. 6. Knowledge and/or experience with RTOS will be preferred.
  • The candidate does not necessarily need to comply with everything written above. However, if you are willing to learn, adapt quickly, feel passionate about saving lives, feel free to apply. College/degree/grades/year of study not a concern.
  • Interested candidates can fill the form at this link and put Embedded System Designer@Delhi in comment box there in link.

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