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“You can only exceed your limits if you’ve discovered them.” ― Roel van Sleeuwen

This is in continuation of my last article Career

This article is for awareness and to take corrective action in right direction.


Performance and behavior of any person depend on the environment s/he had gone through. It can be family , school, college , university , work place , neighborhood etc. Our actions are impacted by such environment. Successful people are those who understood this in time.

How to perform in a given environment ?

As you know that there are smart digital systems designed to work on AC cabins e.g. ATM m/c and at the same time there are systems for military operations. So one has to work for success in a given environment. This starts from individual person only . One can do a self check first :

  • No success even with excellent academic background : Define the meaning of success for you and select the right path with a mentor from same field. You may reach anyone beyond your college senior, professor and relatives. You can take analogy in finding best doctor.
  • Average or poor academic background : You can’t change the past but you can always improve with your hard work. Try to find your strong and weak points. For example : If someone is poor in programming skills , s/he may have excellent communication or presentation skills. Try to identify reason of your poor performance. Improvement can be done with soft skills as well. One has to work on overall performance. I noticed unique soft skills in academically excellent candidates.
  • Plan based on facts not myth. Will explain below

Career Planning Tips

Please see below some well known myth and facts

  • Freshers get only testing job – No it is not true. Eligible freshers can get entry level development job also
  • One can get good companies only through campus – It is not always true. Good candidates can get off-campus job not only in well known companies but in MNCs as well.
  • Get entry into the industry through any route including testing, at least you will learn the technology. It should not be applicable to all. Academically excellent or hard working students can avoid this by working in the area of their interest proactively.

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