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This blog provide step-by-step guideline for Getting started with  ST Attolic TrueStudio supporting ST devices.

Development Environment for STM32 device family

TrueSTUDIO is eclipse based IDE for STM32 family devices and development boards. As per download link provided by ST ” It is Free to download and use even for commercial project” . No License

It is easy to install and has all the required features to start development in STM32 based devices. It includes Editor, Compiler, Linker , Debugger, Memory & Stack analyzer etc. It also supports advance debugging features such as hard fault analysis, Trace & Profiling , RTOS aware debugging etc

Download Link :  TrueSTUDIO

Target Supported : List of Target supported

I didn’t face any issue in installing the software from download link to my Windows 10 system.

Creating Project

Creating project using File -> New -> Project->C project->Embedded C Project

and select Attolic ARM tools

Select Target board

Select Software settings

Select ST-LINK


Right click + Build Project

Downloading the code to Target STM32 eval board  Nucleao-L4R5ZI

Connect laptop to target board USB power. Apart from LED blinking , You may check device manager for board  detection as shown below

Right click +  Debug as -> Embedded C/C++ Application

I got following error when I connected new board

If get warning for firmware update , Follow that

After firmware update , Try debug again

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