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1. How many external I/O registers are in Atmega328 ?


2. A GPIO pin in Atmega328P can be made input by setting Data Direction Register (DDRx)  :


3. Following bit will be set when Power ON RESET occurs in Atmega328 ?


4. How many bits are available to configure Atmega328P  program memory ?


5. Atmega328B  serial communication mode can be set by :


6. Atmega328P communicates  using serial port named as  :


7. What is the mcu device used in Arduino UNO R3 ?


8. What kind of memory used for read & write data in Arduino UNO board ?


9. How can we make provision in software that our board gets reset if it hangs due to wrong code ?


10. Which core is used in Atmega328P ?


11. Which of the following is used to configure Reset Vector Address ?


12. What kind of memory is used to store program in Arduino Uno R3 mcu?


13. Which one of the following is correct for Atmega328P ?


14. Please select the correct statements


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