Python Libraries in the field of Agriculture and Commerce

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This particular article is useful for many professionals.  While I was discussing with Embedkari extended team for next article on Python Libraries, I came across following whatsapp message .  This highlight the importance of awareness..   Here we posted brief description , license & download link for Python  APIs, Libraries in the field of Agriculture and Finance.

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Weather API 

Using the weather API one can get accurate weather information of any location and further 5 Day predictions of the weather conditions like wind, astronomy, atmosphere and lots more. We can look and search for the place using a WOEID, the name of the city, and by mentioning the longitude and latitude.

Download Link:


PyFin is a great financial toolkit for quantitative investment in the Chinese market. It is built using Pandas. It is a free to use software with minimum dependencies. It includes basic Greek calculations and a Monte Carlo simulation model which calculates risk and understands uncertainty in any given financial project and helps in project management.

Download Link:


NumPy is an excellent mathematical tool for scientific computation using Python with sophisticated functions. It supports multi dimensional arrays and matrices and a huge collection of mathematical functions and formulae which are used in statistics. It plays a good role in understanding and processing data.

Download Link:


PyFolio is a python library which performs risk analysis and risk management for financial portfolios. This library has a sophisticated sheet which can draw and deduce graphs and images of the trading algorithms. It is beneficial in trading at stock markets or mutual funds.

Download Link:


It is a library made for analyzing stock market data and in built function for testing backend strategies. It has an onboard calculator which calculates risk and the library is written in object oriented methods which practices code reusability.

Download Link:

PCSE: PCSE (Python Crop Simulating Environment)

It is a package library for building crop simulation patterns and various tools regarding the environmental conditions like weather, soil and other biological processes which are crop specific. This is used across the European continent for crop prediction and yield monitoring.

Download Link:

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