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Getting Started

Introduction : What is baremetal programming ? Why is it useful ?
Overview of the Boards used.
Hardware Requirements
Required Documentation
Setting up Keil uVision5 IDE (Hands-On)
Opening a new project on Keil (Hands-On)

Debugging with Keil

Writing first code (Hands-On)
Breakpoints (Hands-On)
Disassembly View  (Hands-On)
Registers Windows (Hands-On)
Watchpoint  (Hands-On)
Memory Window (Hands-On)

Introduction to ARM Cortex-M

What is ARM Cortex-M ?
Cortex M family of Processors
Microcontroller v/s Microprocessor

Understanding ARM Cortex-M based MCUs

Understanding the Block Diagram of MCU (Micro-controller)
Understanding MCU Bus Interfaces
Overview of ARM’s AMBA Bus Architecture
Understanding the Bus Matrix
Understanding Memory Map of MCU
Understanding MCU Clock Tree
Understanding MCU Vector Table
Understanding MCU Interrupt Design ( NVIC )
Understanding Cortex M Boot Process
Examining startup file of MCU

Peripheral : UART

  1. Understanding UART Protocol in detail
  2. Understanding UART Hardware Block Diagram
  3. Understanding UART Clock Generation ( BAUD Rate Calculations)

Special Sessions

IoT Basics, Embedded Career, Resume Preparation,  Interview Preparation for Internship/Job

Combo Offer

One can purchase additional course ” Embedded C with 8051 “ by adding Rs 500 extra


Participation certificate will be provided to all you apply for that.


All online recorded material (except Special sessions) can be accessed 365 days from the date of enrollment.


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