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I’m Gunjan Vora, currently working as an Embedded Software Engineer at a German Multinational Company in Industrial Automation. I completed my Graduation in Electronics Engineering from a Tier-II college in India. I did some Hobby electronics projects in the 3rd and 4th Year of Graduation to gain practical knowledge of Embedded Systems but there was less exposure to this domain in my college and city.

Just like any other Tier-II college, IT MNCs started recruitment in my college of students studying in 6th Semester (3rd Year) in huge number. Meager Core companies recruit from Tier-II colleges of India and hire few students because there is a huge gap between theoretical and practical knowledge among engineering students. I was placed in one IT Company. I tried in my final year for a job in Embedded Domain but couldn’t get placed. As I didn’t have any other option, I joined the IT Company.

Struggle Over ?

The struggle doesn’t end after you get placed in an IT Company as a Fresher. There are thousands of fresh graduates like you who are starting their professional life Journey with you. Each one is allotted a specific Technology with no logic and trained for 20-30 days.

After Training, exams are conducted. There is a specific number of attempts given to clear the exams. If you exceed the attempts to pass the exam, then you lose the Job. Fortunately, I cleared the exam on 2nd attempt. I started working on a project right after the exams. One needs the luck to get work of the same Technology as they are trained in IT Companies. I was unlucky. The work was not resonating with my liking. I was getting depressed to work in a domain that was totally different from my preference and 4 years of learning.


To get a job in Embedded Systems I had two options. The first one was to do 6 months course at a Private Institute and the second was to do a Master in the same. I chose later because that would give me more time to sharpen my skills. I left the job and started preparing for the GATE examinations. I cleared the GATE examination but scored average. I got admission to another Tier-II college of Pune. Pune has good Embedded Systems domain companies.

The first year was more focused on Theoretical than Practical’s. In the 2nd year of master’s, we must do one entire Project solely. We have the option to do an internship cum Project which is a great opportunity to get Industrial exposure. It took me 3 months to get an Internship in a company, but it was worth the effort. I got a company Project in Embedded Systems which I had to Lead and develop. It was a great learning experience.

I completed the Project in 9 months which ended my Internship. Immediately I got a job in a reputed automotive company in Bangalore after I completed my Internship. I was happy but not satisfied with my job profile as it was an Embedded Testing position. I appeared for one more interview of another company in Pune and I got that job. This is my current employer, ifm engineering Pvt. Ltd.

Key Learning Points

I’ve gained immense technical and tacit knowledge to date in my professional journey. Important is to be proactive, persistent, and stay focused. Following are the lessons I’ve learned in my professional Journey:

1. Time Management (College exams, Self-learning & Enjoyment)

2. Collaboration (Group Projects, Group Book Reading)

3. Establish connections with people of your interested domain

You can contact me on Linkedin for any collaboration or help regarding Embedded Systems.

All the best!

Author  Gunjan Vora

Software Engineer
ifm engineering Pvt. Ltd.

Struggles not only make us into stronger, better and wiser people, they also let us learn more about ourselves and our purpose in life. – Auliq Ice

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