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How should I prepare for starting a masters degree in embedded systems?

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How should I prepare for starting a masters degree in embedded systems? What is the basic knowledge I should have before starting?

If you are planning for Masters in Embedded , first make sure you have strong base for the same. If you are planning to get expertise in something, you must go through basic concepts first. Generally some students do 2-3 year job in start-up or medium size companies to get better exposure to the technology.

When it comes to embedded systems mostly students try to dive deep into the same domain . However , without proper guidance they end up achieving nothing and regret to opt for it.

Even those who plan to study Masters in embedded in different countries tend to change their branches or specialization after their first sem – either they don’t understand embedded domain or coding becomes their main enemy . Due to these factors their grades get down and thus put them under “ PROBATION “ , yes they do get under due to these reason – Lack of work experience in embedded or poor coding skills . The last option they get is to hire a freelancer to get their work done as plagiarism is marked a serious black-mark in their profile .
However , we at Embedkari have designed our courses in such a way that they will help them in many forms , we make them do problems on various coding platforms and discuss them during weekends.

Moreover , discussion on various topics become everyday topic at Embedkari groups with regular programming practice by various ways. With that , the course material allows students to understand the basic concepts which they are not familiar with and the gap which masters students feel gets abridged on taking these course . They might not need a freelancer , a guide who can help in their project or someone who is sitting in a big MNC . It allows them to be independent and try to dig more into the concepts once they are done with our courses.

Our latest courses specific to this given below. If you want to prepare for MS along with MS students , Join Embedkari.

Thanks for reading till end. If you want to share your experience with students, you can put your valuable advice in the comment box.

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