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What is the lowest level programming language used in Embedded System ?
Assembly . Yes from user level programming perspective. However there is another low level implementation in CPU i.e. Microcode.  Generally it is not for user and  used to reside in ROM. I had chance to look into such highly optimized implementation in PowerPC SoCs. Embedded user has moved ahead with C , C++ and now micropython. I am not a fan of micropython but I have worked in C++ to develop TCP/IP stack before joining Motorola in 2000.

Now a days with increased resources at MCU level , C++ is being used in many embedded systems. We are helping students in assembly , C, Python and C++. The key point in most of the programming languages after C is OOP(Object Oriented Programming) .

Here we are planning a Free demo on OOP for students interested in Embedded domain such as IoT, AI etc.  One can register with time slot priority . We will decide the timing based on majority.

Date : 29th December




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