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Course Contents

This course covers various important topics such as Database Management ,  Cloud based Service, ML Algorithms and Server tutorial. This provides good foundation for new project ideas in IoT and Machine Learning. All tutorials are with demonstration of concept.

  • Database Management with Python
  • Dropbox API for transferring files to support IoT
  • Face Detection
  • Face Recognition
  • Server Tutorial

Is it useful for Software Development ?

It helps in understanding various  technical aspects of Database , Client-Server, Socket API, Computer Vision algorithm etc. This provides good foundation for Python based projects.

Do I need any hardware board for this training ?

No. You just need Python installation. Demo is done using Linux based Host Machine.

How this training is going to help in my career ?

This course provides you demo on various Python based applications. You may utilize those skills in your projects and have better working experience in Python.


  • Diploma
  • Engineering

How to buy this course ?

If you know the  Purchase Process   , Please visit product  Practical Approach to Python directly.

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