Learn Embedded C and Data structure in Feb 2021

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There is no doubt that C must be the first programming language for an Engineer irrespective of branch. It’s importance is clearly visible in  Computer Sc, Electronics , Electrical , Mechanical , IT etc.

We have done it in multiple parts.

Part 1 :

Desktop or normal C from scratch . Recorded Course Contents from scratch can be found at Learn C

This also provides information about Embedded C.

Part 2: 

  • Assembly and Embedded C with 8-bit MCU
  • Embedded C with 32 bit MCU

Part 3: Live Classes

Majority of Embedded professionals face difficulty in data structure part . So we are doing following as Live Class.

Linked list
– implementation of linked list in C
– adding a node to a linked list
– deleting a node from a linked list
– Reversing a linked list

– Implementation of stacks in C
– checking a balanced parenthesis using stacks
– prefix to infix conversion
– evaluation of prefix infix notation

Doubly linked list
– implementation of doubly linked list in C

– Implementation of queue
– linked list implementation of queues

Binary Trees
– introduction to binary search trees
– implementation of BST in C
– Finding Min and Max elements in BST
– find the height of the BST
– Binary tree traversal ( inorder, preorder, Postorder, level order traversal)
– deleting a node from the BST

What is current offer ?

  •   Embedded C with 8051 + Learn C + Career Plus – Rs 2000
  •   Existing Mentorship or Combo2K  or Developer Kit students – FREE
  •   Other Existing Students – Rs 500  

Live Class Timings :  Every Saturday starting from Feb 6th – 8:00PM to 9:30 PM

I had mentioned C ranking in my 2018 article Which programming to learn ? 

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