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One of the primary objective , of every person seeking for a better job, is to impress the selection committee even without any direct contact.  Other objective is to work proactively  on latest technology for better career.
Just think the technology driven changes in our daily life from STD booth business to SIM card selling. All those who realized this on time , could continue with new business demands.

Embedkari team consists of professionals from  reputed Engineering colleges and Industry. Our main agenda is to transfer knowledge at lowest possible cost to students.

  • Embedded Job   –  Embedded Job written/Interview specific preparation
  • Explore Python Power is for students still exploring Python .
  • Embedded Kick Start is for students who have  studied Microprocessor in engineering  but now getting started in Embedded.
  • Academic Aligned Mentorship   is for students studying Microprocessor currently in engineering.
  • Skills Review is for freshers who have some experience in Embedded but curious to understand further learning path.
  • Mentorship This is highly recommended for long term career in Embedded systems.

Explore Python Power

A Quick Career explorer which contains article and five videos . This is suitable for CSE, IT , ECE , EEE and anyone who is looking for career in software. We have selected a rapidly growing language i.e. Python to make this course useful for all irrespective of branch. If you remember we discussed use of Python even in Agriculture and commerce field at Python Libraries 

It doesn’t make sense to learn Python without understanding the purpose itself. This option has no dedicated support resource to reduce the cost.  However, We provided these videos to a first year Engineering student and he was able to replicate all solutions after following given steps.

If we think about Embedded , We have to learn the technology which can help in silicon validation, IoT, ML and most importantly Artificial Intelligence at the Edge. But the problem is availability of time to understand the concept and make it working. Embedkari videos use Python to have idea of these in a shortest possible time at affordable cost of Rs500 only.

Embedded Kick Start

We have selected set of public and protected training material for students getting started in Embedded . This will be be also similar price to Explore Python Power for  five videos and some article/quiz. This option has no dedicated support resource to reduce the cost.

Academic Aligned Mentorship

We have selected set of public and protected training material for students getting started in Embedded . This is aligned with x86 and 8051 architecture in academy . This is Rs500 (Monthly billed) .

Skills Review

Embedded career consultancy by registering with Rs 1000=00 only. This covers analysis and recommendation to enhance existing skills. Anyone opting for this can go further for option4 within a year .


There is a lot of information is available on web and there are short term courses as well. But opting these may affect your academic result. Also it is not possible to get experienced professionals on training institutes. Please note Embedded is a long term learning exercise.
Embedkari team has 25+ years embedded experience professional along with other academic and industry background professionals. Under this scheme , we provide a systematic guidance with both public and protected training material.
This will be charged  Rs 2000  per month for anyone getting started in Embedded .Each student will be monitored by two professionals (Software and Hardware) .  We will provide relevant training certificate based on various tests and telephonic discussion.

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