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Embedkari Candidates

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Here is a list of available candidates for software , hardware and testing .

No hiring support fees from embedkari for these candidates.

Note : We have candidates with 0-1 yrs exp available for Pune, Mumbai, Bangalore, Chennai, NCR, WB , and Guajrat. We also provide hiring support for embedded system.

Linkedin URL of Candidates

This is the list of candidates who shared Linkedin URL

Dilip Kumar

Kartik Rastogi

Dhruv Saboo

Aakruti Kulkarni

Sai Venkat

Amol Sarode

Atul Pachare

Uttam Basu

Shailesh Kumar Soni

Employee Form (Embedkari Students Only)

Embedkari students can provide information here. Please note that only validated skills will be put in the final worksheet at this page.

Employers can reach us through

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