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This contains the  Embedded Questions related to STM32-Nucleo L4R5ZI board discussed. It includes STM32 device memory map, clock configuration , booting mechanism and RTC. You may drop message in case any doubt.

1. LSE(Low Speed External) clock  in STM32 Nucleo board :


2. STM32 device can fetch instruction from :


3. APB in STM32 stands for :


4. Which of the following statements are  True to program  RTC?


5. The header file provided by Truestudio IDE for STM32 has many #define macros. Which of the following solution can help to understand the actual values of various definitions ?


6. Which of the following is True for STM32 ?


7. What happens if Boot configuration in STM32 is set to boot from Flash User/Application area but Flash is empty ?


8. Which of the following is True for STM32 bootloader using USB interface ?


9. Boot configuration in STM32 is done by :


10. What is the purpose of external crystal  for LSE(Low Speed External) in STM32 Nucleo board ?


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