Embedded C and Datastructure Week @Embedkari 24th-30th Dec

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Event Highlights

1: Role of Embedded System in IoT and Artificial Intelligence

2: C Refresher   – You may install Eclipse IDE or any C tool of your choice in advance

  • Importance of IDE
  • Programming Skills
  • Keywords and Identifiers
  • Operators
  • Preprocessor
  • Program Flow Control
  • Integer , Floating Point
  • Storage Class
  • String
  • Embedkari C references for Data structure Practice

3: Data Structure  & Algorithms

  • Difference between Array and Linked list
  • Linked list
    – implementation of linked list in C
    – adding a node to a linked list
    – deleting a node from a linked list
    – Reversing a linked list
  • Stacks
    – Implementation of stacks in C
    – checking a balanced parenthesis using stacks
    – prefix to infix conversion
    – evaluation of prefix infix notation
  • Doubly linked list
    – implementation of doubly linked list in C
  • Queue
    – Implementation of queue
    – linked list implementation of queues
  • Binary Trees
    – introduction to binary search trees
    – implementation of BST in C
    – Finding Min and Max elements in BST
    – find the height of the BST
    – Binary tree traversal ( inorder, preorder, Postorder, level order traversal)
    – deleting a node from the BST

4: 8051- Assembly and Embedded C with Simulator

  • Current 80c51 derivatives and applications 
  • Introduction to AT89C52 Architecture
  • Memory MAP of M51
  • Installation of M51 Simulator
  • ASM51 Overview with step-by-step debugging
  • M51- Handson debugging using DAC
  • Interfacing M51 with Seven Segment Display  (Explanation of circuit diagram and program)
  • Installation of Keil-C51
  • Memory Model and Stack with Keil Simulator- Handson
  • Interrupt Handling in AT89C52
  • AT89c52 Timer
  • Embedded C 8051 – Mini Project 

5:Practice- Mix of Embedded and C  (200+ Questions)

6: Balance approach for Core Job  

  • Career in Embedded system and beyond
  • General Embedded Concepts
  • Introduction to Bare-Metal Programming with ARM-Demo

7:Resume Preparation

8:Interview Tips

Note : Course Completion certificate will be provided after evaluation of Test

Q1: How can you complete these contents in a single week ?

Ans :  Live session will be only for  Data Structructure. All content is pre-recorded or written guideline , so we know exact time. Installation of major tools will start much before the actual event to enrolled students. All those who will register will get early access to Part 1- C basics material, so they will have enough time to play with C.

One will understand the Embedded C specific difference in Part 2 only.

Q2:  How  support will be provided ? 

Ans:  We will be available on  email, whatsapp  group and Live session on important topics.

Q3:  Can I get life time access similar to Embedded C from scratch course ? 

Ans:  Lifetime

Q4: How this course will benefit in my career ? 

Ans :

  • Overall scope of Embedded System background
  • How to improve coding skills with fun ?
  • 8-bit MCU 8051 core technical tips which you might have missed in regular course
  • Enhance your performance in Microprocessor subject
  • Understanding of device interfacing , Multiplexing, Timing diagrams etc
  • Embedded C questions for interview preparation
  • Balance approach for getting better job after engineering

Note : Interview will be arranged for students who meet our criteria for Embedded C and Embedded System . We have requirement for Bangalore based company. 


It was long gap for me and had lost touch of it. It is good for beginners. It covered most of the basic topics need for embedded systems.  Kaushik G

This Series is undoubtedly very helpful for both beginners and experienced enthusiasts ,as it is refresher for working professionals & provides good pointers for freshers. I would be glad to recommend these knowledge resources for Engineering students. Sameer Raichur

It was good doing the course in Embedkari. The video lectures are very good and detailed. Due to less time I was not able to complete it in a proper way.. – Third Year Student

Data Structure Live Sessions – 8:30PM to 10:30PM (24th Dec to 30th Dec)  

Embedded C and Datastructure Session Detail

  • Day 1 : 24th Dec  – Sanjay and Embedkari team
  • 25th  – 30th Dec- Sanjay and Kumar
  • 1st Jan – Sanjay and Kumar


How to Register ?

Registration Fees : 1000Rs  . Please pay as per information in Purchase Process and fill form given below

Discount : If someone share this link in Linkedin or other social media , We will give 10% discount. Just mention the link in section “How did you know about this”  .  If existing student share , S/he will get 50% discount. 

In case of any doubt , Please contact sanjay@embedkari.com

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