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Cyber Security is a domain that has always shown us its importance in the networking industry,
if managing, processing and storing data is important then the foremost priority should be given into protecting it.
In such a battlefield, some of our bravest soldiers play an important role, one of them being Kali Linux.
Kali Linux or Kernel Auditing Linux is a flavour of Linux that comes with hundreds of pre-installed tools important for storing, tracking, manipulating and processing data usually used in digital forensics and penetration testing. 
Some of the major tools that are used by Bounty hunters, ethical hackers, or in general almost anyone in this field of work include 


Burpsuite – A very important tool for Bug hunters, pretty much every bug hunter out there knows about this tool or uses it. some of the features it includes are intercepting and changing HTTP requests,crawling webpages, brute force attacks and more.  
Nmap – Also known as Network map, this is a tool used to (yes you guessed it right) map the network, it helps in discovering open ports 
in a system, services running on these ports and even the version of these services ! 
Wireshark – This is a tool used to track the network packets, HTTP requests and basically almost anything that you are sending on your internet,
so be careful next time you connect to any open network in internet cafes or your favourite coffee shop as anyone can tap into your data !
Some other tools include Dirb, Nikto, Whatweb and much more.
Now you have quite an idea why Kali Linux is used in this field and why so many ethical hackers use this platform, but also beware that some of these tools can also by crackers used for illegal activities like command injection for hacking into systems, 
tracking your information for important data such as credit cards or passwords. So always use a secure connection while connecting such as 
VPNs or HTTPS urls to access such websites.  
One more feature of Kali Linux is that it is lightweight, by this I mean that you can easily run it on any system virtually, using any software such as 
virtual box or vmware. 
Everyday is a new battleground in cyber security and we survive, strive and fight to protect what is important to us, with our most prominent fighter Kali Linux.


Shreyash Adhikari

B.E. – CSE
B.M.S. College of Engineering

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