ARDUINO UNO -10 min #Hello Embedded

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Prerequisite : No Programming knowledge is required to complete the steps here. This particular blog post is for school kids and hobbyist interested in embedded domain. I will provide in-depth information in future posts.

Key Takeaway : Getting started with Arduino IDE , COM Port and First LED blinking project

Step1: Download the FREE Arduino IDE from


Click on the downloaded EXE file and let it install with default checked options including USB driver installation

Step2: Purchase ARDUINO UNO from the link shown in this page. It is very cheap xxx

Step3: Connect Arduino board to your PC/laptop. You will notice LED glow.

step4: Open Control Panel->Device Manager and find COM port for your board. In the screenshot below, the active port is highlighted i.e. COM5


step5: Make sure the COMM port found in step5 is selected in Tools->Port


Step6: Click on Tools->Get Board Info


Step7: Click on File->Examples->Basics-?Blink

step8: Check Tools->Board->Arduino/Genuino Uno


Step9: Click on Verify Icon below File


Step10:Click on Upload icon below Once you get the message “Done Uploading” , Check board .   Your first LED blinking project is done !




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