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  1. Post a schematic of the pin connections also.
    I have a Arduino and a HD44780 compatible LCD.
    Would like to try this out.

    BTW, your old team mate here. 🙂

  2. Nice to hear from you Subrato, The circuit pins are mentioned in example code generated by Arduino. Let me clarify
    * LCD RS pin to digital pin 12 //sanjay: Resistor Select
    * LCD Enable pin to digital pin 11
    * LCD D4 pin to digital pin 5
    * LCD D5 pin to digital pin 4
    * LCD D6 pin to digital pin 3
    * LCD D7 pin to digital pin 2
    * LCD R/W pin to ground
    * 10K resistor ends to +5V and ground //sanjay: Connect Backlight VCC to +5V
    * wiper to LCD VO pin (pin 3) //sanjay: contrast pin variable voltage provision(0 to +5V)
    //sanjay : If you plan to change GPIO port number, you need to change arguments of
    LiquidCrystal lcd(12, 11, 5, 4, 3, 2);//sanjay RS,EN,four data bins(4-bit mode)
    Further reference for LCD:×2-lcd-pinout-diagram
    Hope this helps. Drop me a line if any issue. As per LinkedIn, It seems that you moved to different organization. Have a Great time -)

  3. Sir i am 6th sem ECE student passionate about embedded stream if i could get an internship or if you could become my mentor it would b great

  4. You actually got me interested into this stuff. Which is a very big accomplishment in itself. Well written bro!!

  5. I am working on automotive Ethernet switch. Hence I wanted to know will this course help me understanding the 100/1000base-T1 protocol, and learn about design/config and selection for Ethernet PHYS for various application.

  6. I am unable to here instructor voice and i am unable to get what is he trying to explain. please look at this issue

  7. Hi! Looks great, however I am trying to make it work myself and I have trouble getting stuff connected together. You think you could make a more detailed diagram complete with resistors, etc? It would be great!

  8. Hello sir,
    I am an Electrical engineer.I wanted to pursue Embedded subject as Masters. Being an electrical background I really want to know what will be the further challenges for me. Please be my mentor & guide me through it.

    1. Hi Nikita,
      There are Electrical Engineering students who are attending Embedkari courses. You need to look at some mandatory skills such as C, Computer Architecture, ARM bare metal Programming , RTOS and Linux awareness.


  9. A small request, it would be better if there was no background music or some other type of music than the ROCk type.

    1. Thanks for feedback. Some videos are taken from our Youtube channel. Music type is individual choice but you can mute it always. Let us know if this doesn’t help.

  10. Hello Jobseekers,

    This is Ramesh Janagi
    I have completed my Graduation in the year of June-2019 with Aggregation CGPA of 7.28/10 in Electronics and Communication Stream, after graduating I have joined Embedded & Automotive course in “Skillfinity Bengalore” course training.

    1. During my Embedded course I have learned C,C++ and Embedded C, Even that course provides only 3 chance to attend interview for few organizarion and Obviously Got Rejected during interview due to lack of Embedded skills and Didnt recieved single offer almost 8 months when I have Graduated.

    2. I got a call from “HARMAN International Pvt Ltd ” and shortlisted for interview, finally joined as an Intern and worked with Software testing team(Work from Home), its little bit difficult for freshers to work from home bcz of having No hands on Experience in Specific Tools and They Removed me within 3 Months, Again im Unemployed due to the Pandemic.

    3. After that I have Contacted Mr. Sanjay Adhikari in Linkedin, I asked help regarding job search and recieved a call from sanjay He suggested an “Bare metal programming with ARM” course to Gain my Knowledge and Embedded Skills. Started Learning with ARM Board,

    4. Also Daily he will inform regarding openings in the Embedded and Automotive Domain, I recieved so many interview calls and Got placed in 2 Organizations offered by Embedari and its Team

    5. The motto of this technical Course is to boost the confidence among the freshers. I would surely recommend Embedkari in whatever aspect your looking for may be in learning the new skills, in preparing for the interview or maybe in technical support. Embedkari is a unique platform where you can expect many things. Also, I would like to thank Mr. Sanjay for helping in resolving the technical issue.

    Thanks and Regards,
    Ramesh Janagi

    1. Thanks a lot Dear Ramesh for such detail. I believe that it will help many students to take a better decision. I wish you all the best on behalf of Embedkari team. This is just beginning of your career and many mile-stones are on the way. Keep learning by doing practical.

  11. This is Prasad ,software engineer in automotive embedded domain .Bare metal programming with ARM .It is Very Good course intermediate or even advance level for embedded systems programming. I highly recommend this course for who wants to learn writing good quality, maintainable and portable code .The course provides a concentrated content in embedded software programming and how to efficiently access memory using pointers, bit manipulation, and bit fields, and how to efficiently utilize the memory by using data structures design and good hand experience in bare metal programming using ARM. embedKari offers a Embedded C and embedded job test it is easy to get a job .I would like to thank you thank you Mr sanjay for helping in resolving technical issue and searching for jobs .

    1. Dear Prasad,
      Thanks for your feedback. On behalf of Embedkari team, Wish you all the best for a bright Embedded Career. Since we have started recruitment consultancy as well so there is always possibility to re-connect.


  12. Sir, please explain what is the use of ROM and RAM controller?
    ROM is for storing the program.

    1. Thanks for your interest in Embedkari courses. This is online recorded course with technical support. This has almost 150 lessons , so it depends on individual pace to complete the course and work on given assignments. You may drop email to for any doubt.

    1. Please watch Debugging Skills in ARM Special section and use Technical Support -ARM baremetal lesson to raise query. After that we will discuss it in whatsapp group.

  13. Having a issue with my code, turning on my led in the board STM32F030xx Discovery board
    below is my code
    int main()

    1. Please refer to example code in lesson. I am unable to understand why everything in one line.
      You may also discuss it in whatsapp group for ARM bare metal.

  14. This video talks about explaining inode, links etc… but it was not explained in old lesson “Linux Adminstrator 2”. Please point me that tutorial

    1. Did you click on complete QUIZ ? We noticed some typo in header file and answers are randomized. Please run the code and discuss in whatsapp group created to support this.

  15. Please suggest a link or video for running linux using virtualbox VM, could not find any tutorial lecture providing proper steps to do so.

  16. Embedkari is really helpful for any beginner or experienced folk, it helped me get back job after affected by Sevier covid condition..!! I am continuing and will get knowledge from embedkari for future betterment..!!

    1. Thanks for your valuable feedback Subhash. Wish you all the best for future ! I appreciate your will power to fight with Covid as well as finding new job

  17. It is a good platform to help in getting job opportunities for me and develop my skills with the given course kit.
    This course helped me to brush up the basic fundamental knowledge and have good job offers.
    I would recommend joining the embedkari courses.
    Sohanpal Bansal

  18. —————————————–
    C Developer
    Job description
    – BE/BTech/ME/MTech degree with IT or CS

    – 0-2 years of industry experience

    – Hands-on experience of C programming language, Data structures, and Linux Platform

    – Experience with Embedded or System software development is a plus

    Associate SQA Engineer
    Job description
    – BE/BTech/ME/MTech degree with IT or CS

    – 1-2 years of industry experience

    Required Candidate profile
    – Hands on knowledge of Linux and shell scripting

    – Experience with IoT Products is a huge plus

    Full Stack Developer
    Job description
    – BE/BTech/ME/MTech degree with IT or CS

    – 0 to 2 years of experience with Full stack development

    – Experience with Python or PHP programming

    Required Candidate profile
    – Proficient with MySQL or any other relational Database

    – Experience with AWS Services – Lambda, IoT Core, Kinesis is a plus

  19. I would like to thanks Sanjay Sir for his support and guidance during my job search. I was looking for a training to brush up my knowledge and acquire more knowledge on the Embedded System domain. Then I met with Sanjay sir. He suggested to purchase a course from Embedkari. I purchased it and start learning more about the Embedded System. This learning then helped me to crack multiple interviews and land to a good job offer. I am very thankful to Sanjay sir and entire Embedkari team for supporting me. I wish all the best to Embedkari.

  20. This is a very good learning platform where u can learn things from basics. It helped me in lots of different fields out of which one is bare-metal development. I don’t remember when i took the course but still if i have any doubt i will be always getting support from Sanjay Sir as well as from the entire community.

    I learned a lot from the course which helped me in improving my skills as well as getting better job opportunity.

    Thanks and Regards

  21. Emdekari platform has been very helpful to me in developing and clearing my technical knowledge and basics in embedded domain. 
The bare metal programming course with ARM is very well planned course covering from basics to advance level and much needed for those who wish to be an expertise in embedded systems. Apart from that, embedkari covers other relevant courses such as learning C from scratch, data structures, basics on hardware, debugging , and interview prep too. Thanks alot to Mr. Sanjay Adhikari, he has always been a great support and has helped me gain confidence by clearing my fundamentals.