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In addition to Silicon Companies listed above , Following are some  well known companies offer Embedded Job opportunities :

  • Arrow Electronics is a distribution based Fortune 500 company in Colorado which specializes in distribution and value added services related to electronic components and computer products. Arrow aggregates electronic components and enterprise computing solutions.
  • Avnet is one of the largest distribution firms in embedded system solutions and electronic components. Avnet products are widely used in computer systems and networking. It is deploying IoT based solutions and digital transformations.
  • ABB Group is a Swedish multinational which deals with heavy electrical equipment, power electronics, and automation solutions. ABB Robotics is known to develop extremely precise industrial robots and is deployed in all major manufacturing units across the globe.
  • Capegemini is a service based company that provides integrated services like IT consultancy, technical as well as professional services and outsourcing services to global clients. It provides intelligent solutions to industry based problems.
  • C-DOT stands for Centre for Development Of Telematics is a Indian Government owned telecommunications company. It develops indigenous technologies and ensuring connectivity and network to every corner of the country and securing the goal of making a Digital India.
  • CIENA is a product based company and a global player supplier of high performance telecommunication equipment for networking, software solutions and services
  • Cisco systems is a product based company and a multinational conglomerate which develops products related to network hardware, telecommunication equipment like routers, Gateways, IoT gateways and network emergency response systems.
  • DRDO (Defence Research and Development Organization) is a government agency which is assigned with the military research and development. It includes the development of indigenous artillery and missiles for national security purposes.
  • GE (General Electric) is a Boston based conglomerate which has set foot in segments of transportation, healthcare, power and renewable energy, digital industry etc. It develops products and delivers services in these fields.
    Power, Transport, Healthcare career@GE
  • Harman Industries is a subsidiary of Samsung Group that designs and manufactures connected products for automakers, consumers which include connected audio and visual systems, enterprise automation and connected services. Career@Harman
  • HCL Technologies is a service based company delivering innovative technology solutions around Digital, IoT, Cloud Technologies, Cyber security, Data Analytics and modern automation solutions.
  • Honeywell – It is an American product based company that makes consumer products and commercial engineering products for private as well as government companies. It has an aerospace, Home and building technologies, Safety and productivity Solutions, Performance material and Technologies.
  • HPE (Hewlett Packard Enterprise Company) is a multinational IT company which is a branch of Hewlett Packard Company.HPE deals with networking, servers, storage and consulting related to these fields.
  • Huawei is a Chinese multinational product based technology company based in Shenzhen which develops and manufactures consumer electronics like smart phones and other telecommunication equipment.
  • Infosys is a Bangalore based multinational service based company which provides IT solutions and business as well as software consulting services along with outsourcing services to clients across the globe.
  • Juniper networks is a California based product based company which works with products like routers, switches and the management, security and maintenance of the network.
  • KPIT Technologies is a Pune based IT consultancy firm as well as provides automation and transportation solutions, electronics goods, and energy and resource solutions along software solutions for a smarter future.
  • LG Electronics is a South Korean consumer product based company which has typically four business units, Home entertainment, Mobile Communications, Home appliances and Vehicle components.
  • L&T (Larsen and Turbo Group) is a Mumbai based group which provides services related to various fields like Construction, Manufacturing, Financial services along with Technology services
  • Magna is a global leader in the field of automotive supply and is the largest automobile supplier in America. It develops and manufactures the powertrain, Exteriors, Seating, Clousers, Mirrors and Electronic components of the vehicle.
  • Mercedes Benz is a global automotive giant based in Stuttgart in Germany. It uses high end German technology and luxury for its cars, buses, trucks and coaches. It also develops smart technology for better connectivity in cars.
  • Nokia is a Finland based product based multinational company which develops consumer electronics namely smart phones and provides other telecommunications and Information Technology softwares.
  • Reliance Jio is an Indian mobile network operator which is venturing into the DTH business as well as fiber optics broadband for high speed internet connection and is developing a digital ecosystem and a digital experience.
    career@Reliance Jio
  • Robert Bosch is a German engineering and technology company which provides mobility solutions, consumer household goods, industrial technology and energy and building technology solutions.
  • Schneider Electric is a French multinational expertise in energy management and automation solutions. It is investing heavily in the field of sustainable development solutions for the future.
  • Tata Motors is an Indian automotive multinational Giant and its products include passenger cars, trucks, vans, coaches, buses, military equipment and construction tools along with sports cars.
    career@Tata Motors
  • Tata power is an Mumbai based Indian electric utility company. The business includes generation, transmission and distribution of electricity. It is India’s largest integrated power company.
    career@Tata Power
  • Tata Elxsi is a design company which provides design solutions and technology services fovarior us design solutions across various industries like broadcast, communication and the automotive field.
    career@Tata Elxi
  • TCS (Tata Consultancy Services) provides IT related services, solutions and business process outsourcing to clients all across the globe.
  • Tejas Networks is an Indian product based company which designs and develops products in the Optical networking and Broadcast areas. It is a global networking and develops telecommunication products.
    career@Tejas Networks
  • TVS Motors is a global motorcycle company based in Chennai. It has forayed into automobile sector, components, finance solutions and insurance.
    career@TVS Motor
  • Valeo is a French automotive company which supplies wide range of products to automakers including driving assistant systems, powertrain systems, thermal systems and visibility systems.
  • Varroc is a global automotive supplier of exterior lighting systems, electrical and electronics equipment along with body and chassis part of the aurtomobile.
  • Visteon is an American based automotive supplier of cockpit electronics, Audio and Infotainment along with instrumentation and control of the automobile and digital solutions to autonomous vehicles.
  • Wipro is an Indian multinational company that provides IT solutions, consultancy and business process outsourcing services to clients across the globe.
  • WD (Western Digital) is an American product based company which produces modern data storage solutions which includes design and manufacturing of hard disk drives, data center systems and cloud storage devices

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