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There should be no excuse in Job interview . This is targeted to fill that gap.

This product is specially for  already trained students from other Institutes and working professionals.

After getting education from highly qualified professors and global course certificates, Students opt for some training institutes without knowing the background of instructor. Sometime such institutes assign teaching to old students who themselves failed to get embedded job. The outcome can be easily understood.  

Why someone go to external institute for industrial training ?  Because they miss the same in Engineering college but what if they still miss the tricky points to enter in the Industry . This is the additional solution at very low cost.  We understand that  each day  add  expanses to our daily life so we have kept it at lowest price.

Course Contents


  • Mock-up Interview 
  • Resume Preparation
  • Interview Tips
  • Access to Embedkari JobHunt Group for regular job posting

What Job assistance is being provided for this course ?

We have a dedicated employee to search suitable Embedded Jobs and we pass the same to whatsapp group. So ideally you will  have genuine job posts in hand and you can apply for those directly.  In addition to that, We prefer our CareerPlus students for any direct job opportunity by our clients/contacts. If we don’t get direct opportunities from CareerPlus group, we post  here.

Practice tests

Mix of Embedded and C  

Interview Preparation Material

Option  A :  Embedded C

C Refresher  Desktop IDE based – You may install Eclipse IDE or any C tool of your choice in advance

  • Importance of IDE
  • Programming Skills
  • Keywords and Identifiers
  • Operators
  • Preprocessor
  • Program Flow Control
  • Integer , Floating Point
  • Storage Class
  • String
  • Embedkari C references for Data structure Practice

Assembly and Embedded C with Simulator -8bit Level Refresher

  • Current 80c51 derivatives and applications 
  • Introduction to AT89C52 Architecture
  • Memory MAP of M51
  • Installation of M51 Simulator
  • ASM51 Overview with step-by-step debugging
  • M51- Handson debugging using DAC
  • Interfacing M51 with Seven Segment Display  (Explanation of circuit diagram and program)
  • Installation of Keil-C51
  • Memory Model and Stack with Keil Simulator- Handson
  • Interrupt Handling in AT89C52
  • AT89c52 Timer
  • Embedded C 8051 – Mini Project 

Byond 8-bit

  • Career in Embedded system and beyond
  • General Embedded Concepts
  • Introduction to Bare-Metal Programming with ARM-Demo


Option B :  Linux Interview Questions described at this 

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