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Location – NOIDA


Working on development of large Reference Manuals and related documents in XML-based documentation setup



• High proficiency in US English grammar, spelling, and style

• Professional working style that includes:

o Patience and respect for working on a large (20+ person) team that spans 14 time zones

o Effective, friendly, and proactive communication of progress and problems

o An open mind for accepting training, new concepts, and constructive suggestions

• Proficiency in a publishing or content-editing application, such as but not limited to:

o Microsoft Word

o Adobe FrameMaker

o SyncRO Soft oXygen XML Author or Editor

o Arbortext XML Editor

• Familiarity with Microsoft Windows 10 and Microsoft Office

• Basic understanding of text-based markup languages such as HTML, SGML, or XML


• Bachelor’s degree or equivalent from an accredited university

• Semiconductor industry experience (hardware and software in computing and embedded markets)

• Proficiency in DITA XML, including working knowledge of the following:

o The DITA 1.1 language specification

o Conditional attributes

o Creating document maps from topics

• Prior experience in working with version-control and content-management systems

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