Software Development Engineer — Fresher — 1 Year Exp @Bangalore

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Software Development Engineer — Fresher — 1 Year Exp


— Experience in Java and/or C++.
— Experience in working with Eclipse IDE and plugin development.
— Strong analytical and problem solving skills,Understanding of software development lifecycle.
— Validate software with unit testing
— Develop tools, scripts for automation in the product life cycle.
— Experience in compiler, debugger or library and API development.
— Contribution to communities like GCC / LLVM
— Basic knowledge of scripting languages – Bash/Python.
— Improve compiler’s usability such as optimization analysis tracing, configurability like pragma support
— Knowledge on Computer Architecture, Digital Logic Design and parallel computing domain like (Multi – Core, GPU, SIMD, MIMD etc) is a plus


— Work on development of tool chain (Compiler, Assemble, Debugger) and IDE for soft core processors.
— Develop an IDE similar to KIEL, VISUAL STUDIO
— Work with firmware and hardware engineers and understand requirements for the project.
— Ensure that the development approach is extremely iterative with continuous feedback from all stakeholders.
— Responsible for overall functional quality of the software product.
— Modify existing GCC compiler to accommodate new ISA.
— Modify Emulators / Simulators such as SPIKE to add custom instructions
— Work closely with Embedded / Firmware Engineers on Product Prototyping

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