RTOS Beta Version – Internal release

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We have a series of courses in Roadmap for RTOS  and each will be released at different price tag.

Here the first RTOS  concepts with FreeRTOS is being released under beta (Only for our existing ARM Baremetal and Linux students) . 

Lessons to be published Immediately 

Operating System – General

Fundamentals of Operating System
Computer System
Operating System Definition
Embedded System Resources
Booting an Operating System
Computer System V/S Embedded System

RTOS Concepts

Need of RTOS
RTOS Features
RTOS Types
RTOS Performance


FreeRTOS Introduction
Getting started with FreeRTOS

Additional Lessons may be added in January and February . No time fixed yet so we are providing 75% . discount i.e. Rs 500 only.  Interested students can pay using Payment Link and inform. It can help in interview now with low price and they get more lessons of this particular course Free.

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