Operating System


Linux Installation

Linux – Basics

Linux Basics – OS
Linux Administration -OS
Linux Filesystem Working -OS
Linux File system working with FD
Creating Filesystem in Linux

OS Concepts

Fundamentals of OS
Computer System Structure
OS Definition
Resources for an Embedded System
Booting an OS

Linux -Development

Linux -Development Setup Yocto x86-OS
Getting Started -Github
Linux Development Process
Linux Library working
Linux Busybox
Getting started with Yocto
Yocto with QEMU
Linux -Development Setup with Yocto
Yocto Build

Linux – Driver Development

Kernel Module 1 -OS
Getting Started with Kernel Module 2- OS
Device Driver Part1 -OS
System Calls -OS
File System -OS
File System Components -OS
Dynamic Device Driver -OS
Character Device Driver -OS
Workshop – TT -OS
Workshop – UART -OS

Interview Questions -Linux

Basic linux Question (Entry level) -OS
Linux Questions – Memory -OS
Linux Questions – Processing -OS
Linux Core Questions – IPC -OS
Linux Core Questions -Kernel Modules -OS

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