Embedded Systems Job Preparation – 60days


*There are generic videos such as Resume preparation, Interview preparation , Confidence development etc as well. These are helpful for anyone irrespective of domain.


  • Data Structure Interview Questions – (1:30 hr)
  • Embedded Career -23 Min
  • Skill Alignment -21 MinEmbedded Scope – Long term Career Plan -20 Min
  • Memory concepts – 30Min
    • Memory Layout
    • Register, Stack, Heap, Data Segment
    • linker script, map file
  • Debugging with and without  Hardware -1hr 20Mins

Interview Kit 

Embedded Systems Interview Preparation – 1hr 30Min

Generic Interview Tips , Resume Preparation – 35Min

Last Moment Tips for Interview -1hr

Free Access for coding  practice:

  • Embedded Job Test – Multiple tests (with solution) for practice

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