Embedded System Engineer Position @Bangalore

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There is an excellent opportunity for Embedded Professional.

Position: Embedded Designer
Location: Bangalore.
Min. Qualification :
1: Completed engineering studies at university level; BE/ BTech/ ME/ Mtech in Electronics/
Electrical/ Instrumentation Engineering (or equivalent) with 3-6 years of experience
2. Knowledge of Digital Electronics and Analog circuits and hands-on with design and
creation of circuit schematics.
3. Expertise in Electrical Hardware Testing
Skills Required :
1. Peripheral interfaces like RS232, RS485, CAN, Ethernet, SPI, I2C and USB
2. Knowledge of OOPS (Object-oriented programming) concept like C++, C#; RTOS (Real
time operating system); Control systems; CPU concepts – stack, heap, memory mapping
– will be added advantage
3. Ability to understand and debug problems across hardware/software boundaries and
should have knowledge of SW development (coding) /debugging on prototype hardware
and changing requirements
4. Expertise in design techniques, application domain and engineering
5. Ability to understand and debug problems across hardware boundaries
6. Exposure to International Medical Quality and Regulatory Standards e.g. IEC (especially
61010-1 and , 61326-2-6), FDA, UL, CE, etc. will be preferred
7. Experience in designing equipment to comply with EMI / EMC standards and knowledge
of EMI /EMC and other compliance testing.
8. Experience in the field of Medical Devices / laboratory device product design.
9. Disciplined team worker, ability to work independently
10. Ability to present ideas and to convince project team members
11. Be structured and self-organized
12. Excellent communication skills
13. Team player, leadership skills and drive for results
14. Quality mindset in design and documentation
15. Hands on approach to engineering is preferred over delegation attitude.


If you are hands-on in C language and good with ARM architecture , then send resume to embeddedcareers.ind@gmail.com  with subject EMBS6YR  . Make sure you mention your academic performance in the resume.


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