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Career Plus -2022

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Who is responsible for your low salary ?

There may be multiple reason for your current low salary but only you can increase it by performing better in current company or updating your skills for better job opportunity.

When to switch job ?

Most of the companies plan new projects and keep budget for hiring in Q1. On the other hand, working people in India wait for salary revision in Q1 and plan to change job in Q2. Freshers generally get job within 2-3 months of degree, so hard to get good freshers in Q1. This demand vs supply makes Q1 better for Job switch.

How to get better job ?

There are multiple factors to get a better job and it requires efforts in right direction. Embedkari providing many such features with a target of 60days :

*Resume preparation and Interview Tips

*Important Embedded Concepts

*Debugging skills

*Competitive coding

*Tech day -10th April

How to Register ?

This complete 60 days access to Interview specific technical material with Job assistance is kept at Rs 1500

Payment Methods :

UPI ID : 9844711771@hdfcbank



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