Networking -Ethernet Controller

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Course Contents

  • Overview of Network SoC
  • Ethernet Hardware
  • Ethernet with NxP Evaluation Board
  • Ethernet with NxP SoC
  • Ethernet Controller
  • Ethernet Controller Configuration
  • Ethernet Controller Configuration  Demo
  • Physical Layer Device Configuration
  • PHY Configuration Demo
  • Ethernet Controller Transmit/Receive Data Structure
  • Analysis of Ping generated packets
  • ARM based Usecase

Is it useful for Firmware Development ?

It helps in understanding the Ethernet Controller configuration and communication through CPU.

Do I need any hardware board for this training ?

Our lab based demo provide clarification of all essential parameters to enable Ethernet. So you can learn the concept without hardware as well. If you have any Ethernet based evaluation board, That will definitely help you to do experiments at your end.

How this training is going to help in my career ?

Just try to create a list of any latest technology in demand which depends on internet. This is the foundation of networking and protocol concepts.  It is beyond simple low speed platform level interfaces like I2C, UART , SPI etc.


In a world where resources for conceptual knowledge of embedded is missing, Embedkari provides a nice platform to help you in your career in the embedded domain”       By Manish Kaul

This course covers right from Hardware to the software, covering entire compute stack in a good detail. It helps you to understand a great deal about networking”  By Aditya


  • Diploma
  • Engineering

How to buy this course ?

If you know Purchase Process , visit Product page directly . Contact us in case of any issue


  1. I am working on automotive Ethernet switch. Hence I wanted to know will this course help me understanding the 100/1000base-T1 protocol, and learn about design/config and selection for Ethernet PHYS for various application.

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