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This contains the  Embedded Questions related to STM32-Nucleo L4R5ZI board discussed. It includes STM32 device memory map, clock configuration , booting mechanism and RTC. You may drop message in case any doubt.

1. Which of the following statements are  True to program  RTC?


2. LSE(Low Speed External) clock  in STM32 Nucleo board :


3. What is the purpose of external crystal  for LSE(Low Speed External) in STM32 Nucleo board ?


4. One can create STM32 Nucleo-L4R5ZI device header file with the help of  STM32L4R5ZI datasheet and STM32L4 family Reference manual :


5. Device  memory layout can be verified by :


6. Block Started by Symbol is :


7. Boot configuration in STM32 is done by :


8. What happens if Boot configuration in STM32 is set to boot from Flash User/Application area but Flash is empty ?


9. Which of the following is True for STM32 bootloader using USB interface ?


10. STM32 device can fetch instruction from :


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