One of the primary objective , of every person seeking for a better job, is to impress the selection committee even without any direct contact.  Other objective is to work proactively  on latest technology for better career.
Just think the technology driven changes in our daily life from STD booth business to SIM card selling. All those who realized this on time , could continue with new business demands.

Embedkari team consists of professionals from  reputed Engineering colleges and Industry. Our main agenda is to transfer knowledge at lowest possible cost to students.

  • Explore Python Power is for students still exploring Python .
  • Embedded Kick Start is for students who have  studied Microprocessor in engineering  but now getting started in Embedded.
  • Academic Aligned Mentorship   is for students studying Microprocessor currently in engineering.
  • Skills Review is for freshers who have some experience in Embedded but curious to understand further learning path.
  • Mentorship This is highly recommended for long term career in Embedded systems.

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