ARM bare-metal programming @STM32

This article has reference to recent ARM programming videos posted in Youtube.

We discussed about MCU System Memory  . This covers explanation of Code , Data , I/O memory map and segmentation. This is generic for MCU based systems with inbuilt memory. We have taken  use-case of STM32 Nucleo board

The first step in embedded programming to know how the Memory Layout is implemented in Binary . It is discussed at  Mapping the Device Memory in YouTube  Embedkari channel.

Do you remember the article Getting Started with Linux?

Our next topic is on Reset Configuration of a device. This describes Desktop boot configuration and Reset configuration of Embedded System. Reset configuration methods using Power and ARM based devices of NxP.


This is followed by discussion on STM32 platform. This explains various booting options and purpose. Also demonstrate Truestudio and ST-Link Utility with boot option bytes.


Following  video demonstrate the True Studio Debugger with STM32 Nucleo-L4R5ZI board . It demonstrate Debug configuration options .


Lets move further to understand the header files used in TrueStudio for STM32. This explains the Header files associated with ARM based device IP blocks . How to analyze device elements definition ? How to get intermediate files during compilation process in True Studio ?

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