How to setup serial port in Virtual Box ?

Setting Serial Port in Virtual Box

Mapping Windows 10  serial port to Virtual box can be done by enabling particular COM port as shown below

Note : Make sure no image is running in Virtual Box 

This process is shown in the GIF file below :

How to map COM Port  if assigned number is higher ?

Often you may notice COM port  number assigned by default higher than COM4 . In the following picture , Serial  port was assigned COM12

In such a case , You need to change it from Advanced option of Port Settings in Window’s device manager.  I changed this COM12 to COM2 which was not in use .

How to verify COM port in Linux running within Virtual Box ?

After that it was verified as shown in GIF file below.  You may notice change in COM2 icon color after device was connected .  This provides information up to final Minicom session.

You can check port using  dmesg |  grep tty*

Note : If you don’t see expected serial console. You may have to reboot the Windows system for releasing COM port if used earlier.

Finally , You should be able to see the console message depending on target connected

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