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Time for  QUIZ to refresh  ARM architecture discussion done so far.

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1. T32  in ARM architecture is :


2. SIMD instructions are used in :


3. SIMD register size , to process four 32-bit data elements at a time , is  :


4. STM32cubeMX is a  :


5. M in ARM Cortex -M series  stands for  :


6. What is Industry standard for designing ARM micro-controller bare metal device driver  ?



7. User application will run in Thread mode. If any interrupt or exception event occurs, It will automatically enters in


8. What are the following true regarding Artificial Intelligence using STM32 ?



9. APSR -Application program status register can be accessed from :


10. If a core supports only Thumb and Thumb-2 instruction sets, then  which one of the following is True :



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