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This blog may help beginners to identify career objective based on their area of interest. One can note down all the questions mentioned here and  write answers according to particular person’s preference.

The final worksheet should help in better planning for embedded career. I am providing additional reference of NxP here based on public material . One can use  similar approach for any other semiconductor company.

Note : This is just a bigger picture of embedded system design .We can’t expect these skills from a fresher , so you will find mention of some of these in 2+ yrs experience job requirements. 

  • 1:  In which particular field you are interested ?

    • Automotive
    • Industrial
    • Networking
    • Multimedia
    • Take a look at different applications at NxP and decide
  • 2: Identify a processor family suitable for field chosen in step

  • Embedded Applications
  • 3:  I am selecting ARM based Layerscape family

    • There are number of SoC variants available and one has to be selected based on interfaces required.
  • QorIQ Layerscape
  • LS1043A
    • We can expect following resources from device vendor.
      • Documentation specific are available in this case at DOCUMENTATION.
        • Device  Hardware data sheet for device pins,electrical,thermal,part number etc
        • Device Reference Manual
        • Application Notes
      • Development specific information is available in this case at TOOLS and SOFTWARE
        • Hardware Tools for debugging
        • Software development tools
        • Software Development Kit(SDK)
        • Reference Design or Evaluation board
      • Training resources   
        • This is most important part of this article. Please wait for loading of this gif file or visit the link for IoT,ML,AI etc
  • NxP Training
    Popular Product Training

    • IoT specific snapshots
  • Internet of Things
    Low Power Connected Things
  • Internet of things
    IoT Solution
  • 3: What role you prefer to play ?

    • Hardware Designer
    • Software Developer
    • Factory Application Engineer
    • Field Sales Executive
    • Field Application Engineer
    • Testing
    • Technical Writer
    • Product Marketing
  • 3: Do you meed the minimum qualification for above profile ?

  • 4: Have you identified required resources to get ready for this job ?

  • 5: If you are planning to take some training, Is it possible for you check trainer background ?

    • If you are looking for embedded software  training, The trainer should be able to provide training in C, C++  , Python ,Java Script and embedded linux. I will highly recommend a CSE background person.
    • If you are looking for embedded hardware training ,  The trainer should be able to provide training on Analog level, Power supply design, Hardware  Model simulation and of course digital circuit design. I will highly recommend a EEE/ECE background person.
  • 6: Have you set some goals with proper milestones to get the targeted job ?

  • 7: What is your preference immediate job or long term career ?

    • Following is just a generic idea of learning beyond your preparation of analytical ability  and graduation level courses. We can’t expect these from a fresher , so you will find mention of some of these in 2+ yrs experience job requirements. 
    • If your target is immediate job then focus on basic foundation of C, ARM architecture, Interfaces like I2C, SPI, CAN, USB, Ethernet etc, Protocols related to IoT, Python
    • If your target is long term career in one particular domain then identify corresponding learning objectives.
      • Automotive
        • C, ARM Architecture, PWM, AutoSAR, CAN, RTOS etc
      • Networking
        • C, C++, ARM, i2c, SPI, PCIe, Ethernet,Protocols,Embedded Linux etc
      • Industrial
        • C, ARM Architecture, PWM, CAN, Industrial Ethernet,NFC,Motor control algorithm, RTOS etc
      • Multimedia
        • C, ARM, i2c, SPI, PCIe, Ethernet,Protocols,Embedded Linux, RTOS, Codec, Graphics, Camera interface, DSI, HDMI etc
      • Security
        • Trust Architecture, Secure boot, Encryption,Decryption,Compression algorithms etc

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